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Are You Quick to Judge Others? Find Out What This Might Mean For You

By now you may already be familiar with the concept that your life is a direct reflection of YOU. The people, opportunities, love, realized dreams, dashed hopes, experiences and even the material things in your life are all a part of the big picture you are painting with your mind every-single-day. As a result, everything in your life is an opportunity to reflect and learn something new about yourself. And I mean everything – the ‘dark’ moments included. With a little bit of humility, we can all start to look a little bit closer into the shadows and dark corners of our lives - the areas we’d... Read more »


Law of Attraction: Tips and Tricks for Everyday Manifesting

Using the Law of Attraction to create and live the life of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated. Honestly. The biggest problem that most people have, is believing that it really is as simple as it sounds. Broken down simply, all that is required of you to make the Law of Attraction work in your favour, is to know what you want, fuel this desire with as much positivity as possible and then ‘allow’ it to unfold (i.e. by getting out of your own way!) Having said this, I understand that there are many, many people looking for ways to give their manifesting efforts a little boost – to start... Read more »


Why Time Is Running Out – the Truth

Time is fleeting…and yet we are constantly wishing it away. As children, we are impatient to grow up. As young adults, we can’t wait for the day when we will be taken seriously; when we have our independence and are able to start making our own choices. This then continues into adulthood, when so much time is spent fretting about the next step, waiting for the day when we’ll be making more money…can move from an apartment into a house…or finally have ‘it’ all figured out. We’re constantly looking ahead, hurrying things forward, and wishing we were ‘there’ instead of ‘here’. But... Read more »


20 Things You Do That You Need to Stop – Right Now!

If we were all to realize how much of our time we waste every day on the things that aren’t important…that prevented us from spending quality time with the people we love…would we still be doing them? Here are 20 things you need to stop wasting your time on, to start making the absolute most of your life: #1. Stop hanging out with the wrong people. It is said that you are only ever as good as the people you surround yourself with. If this is the case, why waste your time on anyone who brings you down or makes you feel bad about yourself? Surround yourself with those who uplift and support you, the... Read more »


Is There Such a Thing as Coincidence? A Law of Attraction Perspective…

When the unlikely or unexpected happens, people will often put it down to being a ‘coincidence’. You’re thinking about the friend you haven’t seen in years, when suddenly they phone. You learn the name of somewhere new for the first time and suddenly the name is popping up everywhere that you go – on the front of magazines, on the radio, in overheard conversations… Perhaps you connect with a stranger with the same interests as yours, in the most wildly unlikely of places? Or maybe only just this morning you were asking a friend about whether or not they believed in coincidences…and then you... Read more »


6 Ways to Care Less About What Other People Think

‘Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.’ – Lao Tzu Now be honest, how much of your time do you spend worrying about what other people think? On some level, we ALL care what the people around us think. As naturally social creatures, it is a completely normal and human desire to want to be accepted and loved for who we are. But there is such a thing as caring too much. Do you wonder if someone’s talking behind your back? What other people think about your looks, your clothes, your job or the decisions you make? Are you always seeking approval from the people... Read more »


Made a Mistake? Here’s What You Can Do

“Mistakes are the portal of discovery” – James Joyce Think about all of the mistakes you’ve made in your life, and you should see that they fall into either one of two categories; there are the embarrassing, fall-on-your-face type of mistakes that are of little significance to anything other than your own pride. Then there are those mistakes that are hard to let go of, the big kind, capable of keeping you a prisoner of your past for weeks, months or even years. When you make a mistake, small or big, it can be hard not to beat yourself up about it. However, I say that we shouldn’t be giving... Read more »


4 Fears You Need to Conquer If You Want to Live Your VERY Best Life

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Can you imagine how your life might change if you lived your life believing in the above statement? I’m not talking about mortal danger, fight or flight, fear. I am simply referring to the everyday fears so many of us harbour and allow to impact our day-to-day lives. So many of us live our lives in the shadow of our fears. We spend our time either rehashing our past mistakes, trying to figure out why we did or did not do something, or projecting our fears into the future, afraid of what is waiting around the corner. The problem is that this ‘fear-fuelled’... Read more »

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How to Improve Your Life in 15-20 Minutes Tops!

Personal development is an ongoing process. Because let’s face it, we all want to go through life as our very best selves. So we take steps to improve ourselves; we might set ourselves goals, write to-do lists and try to squeeze as many good habits into our day as we possibly can – exercise, drink more water, meditate, write more, take a course…the list is endless! We know what we need to do to create positive change, but the question is when do we do it? Where do we find the time? If you’re guilty of never being able to follow through with a goal, or you struggle to fit in the positive habits you... Read more »


Tips for Appreciating What Makes You Unique

‘There is nothing you have to do, get or be in order to be happy.’ - Srikumar Rao Do you ever find yourself saying the following: ‘I would be happier if I was in another profession…’ ‘I would be happier if I was more attractive…’ ‘I would be happier if I was in the right relationship…’ ‘I would be happier if I had nicer clothes/ a bigger house/more money…’ In our culture we put so much pressure on achieving MORE success, of being MORE than other people and on just having MORE in general that we often forget that we are all already enough - exactly as we are. You... Read more »